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Paul Igwe

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Paul Igwe is an award winning television director, writer, producer and creator. He has directed over 20 movies and 8 television Series. He debuted in 2000 as a director with the movie 'Outrageous' and in 2007; he was a key force in the 39 episodes TV drama series, Extended Family, working as director/consulting producer.
He started his own television sitcom 'Clinic Matters' in 2009, a series that has won several awards and nominations locally and internationally including the prestigious World Quality Commitment Award, Paris 2012. In February 2012 he started his second television series 'The Benjamins'. At TAVA Awards in 2010, Paul won the award of Most Outstanding Television Sitcom Director. Also at TAVA Awards 2012, he won Most Outstanding Television Sitcom Director and Most Outstanding Television Drama Director.

Born and raised in Lagos, Paul Igwe is one of Nigeria’s unique TV producers. He is an alumnus of the school of media and communication, Pan African University. He has worked with some of Nigeria’s brightest and ‘A’ list talents. Some of his television credits as creator, producer and director include; Extended Family, Clinic Matters, The Benjamins, Ojays, Pulse, Ulo Isii, House 6, Troubled Cottage, Usekwu Igbo.

About the Company

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Whitestone Cinema Ltd is an independent production company that develops, sells, produces and licenses film, television and theatre projects combining professional experience with high production values. As a relatively small company, Whitestone Cinema Ltd considers its productions extremely cost effective, with resources dedicated to creativity. We are dedicated to proudly authoring videos that are beautiful, artistic and come within budget. We have writers who can create perfect script, voice-overs or dialogue and award winning directors and editors who deliver products that thrill. We have developed expertise in nearly every aspect of production including distribution, broadcast syndication, international sales and production services.

Whitestone Cinema Ltd is proud of its experience in both broadcast and non-broadcast environments, and feels at home producing broadcast television programmes as well as digital films. We create productions that help people communicate clearly and effectively. Our vision is to deliver quality productions aimed at engaging, educating, entertaining and always on time. Audiences are demanding and they deserve the best.

A multi award wining company with over 9 years history, Whitestone Cinema Ltd has produced many Nigerian films and television shows. Our Award Winning TV Series, Clinic Matters, was an important addition to the company’s portfolio. The over 250 episodes series was broadcast on sky channel 204 during the summer of 2009 attracting more than a million audiences.

Whitestone Cinema Ltd also runs a dedicated full service film/television sales company for Nigerian-themed content linking producers and buyers of quality entertainment. We have helped a number of broadcasters to develop a dedicated African entertainment channel. Our content are sourced from original master HD supplied by right owners.

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